Our Story

             Doughdees pty ltd is PROUDLY Australian born company purely derived from Melbourne Australia. The director of doughdees had been in the food industry for some time, where he then decided to grab all the tasty trending bites foodies are loving beyond the 21 st century and put it all on display for the public to eat. The Criteria were FRESH, TASTY and QUICK. Chuck’s angle and doughdees take on this, is a cheeky sweet, savoury and spice for our tastebuds leaving you wanting more, and we aint shy to reveal it on the world via the socials either. The idea is easy . . . Vison was made realistic.

Doughdees story began 2017 where all recipes were gather trialled and tested. Countless of hours and hours went into research and development towards the final products you see now on the menu. It was to achieve the perfect Gluten window for our ENRICHED DOUGHNUTS was vital in getting right, from the Boba pearls cooked and rested at the right temperatures prior to mixing, to the crisps of the heavenly bites of doughdees Macaroons inspired from G.G. of Normandy France. Even to with our secret flour mixture base to our succulent crispy chicken fried wings.

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